Extended registration deadline for crop insurance

Registration deadline for crop insurance can be extended till November 3 "," articleSection ":" ahmedabad "," articleBody ":" Gita Mehta, Gandhinagar: 44 talukas of 18 districts of the state have received more than 1 inch of rainfall in the last three days. Following this, the Vijay Rupani government has today announced the toll free number as per district for the convenience of farmers on crop insurance. Farmers will be able to file their complaint on this toll free number at 6.30 pm on November 3, said Poonam Chand Parmar, Additional Chief Secretary, Agriculture.

Extended registration deadline for crop insurance
Extended registration deadline for crop insurance

Earlier, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani held a meeting with Additional Chief Secretary of Agriculture, Poonam Chand Parmar, Relief Commissioner and top officials of the Agriculture Department. During the meeting, the loss of agriculture due to the rains was discussed. After the meeting, information was given to the journalist from the Department of Agriculture.

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The survey will take place November 3-13, with payment arrangements up to 30th

Poonchand Parmar further stated. The insurance company's rights will complete the crop loss survey by November 3-13 and arrangements for payment of crop insurance amount will be made by November 30 next. For farmers who could not sell peanuts due to moisture, the time limit for providing peanuts at support prices will be increased.

A complaint can also be filed at the district level

According to Parmar, if the farmers' call insurance company does not receive the receipt, they can file a complaint at the district level service center. To date, the insurance company has received 2672 calls. Some of the company's representations were that more calls could not be received because the server was down.

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