Be careful if you have a password like this one

Cybercrime is the worst password in the Internet world. The easiest way for hackers to hack anyone's account is to crack a password. We keep the password because of convenience and laziness. But they do not know how much risk we are taking by doing so.

According to recent research from cyber security firm ImmuniWeb, about 1.6 million of the approximately 2.10 million accounts linked to Fortune 500 companies have been trying to hack into the account over the past year. The research firm also found that 49 million account passwords in 2.10 accounts are unique, so it is not easy to break them. In other simple words, even though the password was too easy to crack, 32 of them were common and were easily hacked. Here's a list of passwords that can pose a threat to an account…

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Expert says something like this with a password

We never set a password so we don't think it's easy or difficult. We always try to keep the password simple so that it can be remembered, but do not think that the hackers also make it easy.


Experts say that users can also name wife, husband, children, girlfriend, boyfriend in their social media passwords. They say that the date of birth should never be kept, which is easily estimated by hackers.

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