Babita ji made a big reveal that Be surprised to know

Who does not know nowadays Babitaji, who is famous for his serial in Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Glasses. Not only his Jathalal, millions of people are fans.

Babita ji, Munmun Dutta plays a role in this serial from the very beginning.

So Babita ji is one of the counting artists whose popularity has remained intact for years, plus has grown from time to time.


This popular television show has already attracted viewers in Tarak Mehta's inverted glasses. Each character in this show has something different. That is why this show has been playing continuously for the last 3 years.

In this show, Babita ji is always behind Jethalal. Whenever Babita ji is found, Jethalal becomes happy to see her and starts looking for an excuse to talk to her. Munmun Dutta recently said in an interview that he had made an explanation.

It is worth mentioning that Babita ji is very popular, she has many fans in the country, Babita ji is also connected with social media platforms and is constantly active so she gets many messages and comments.

So in the interview, Babita Ji has revealed how she responds to the trolls. Munmun Dutta keeps his views on social media and it is also, frankly, the same reason that he is often the victim of trolls, but Munmun also does not shy away from giving a strong response to trolls.

In a media interview, Munmun Dutta said, "Stalkers aboard trolls are far from being." I do not allow people to make meaningful or bad comments on my profile. Often I will make the comment section off.

Munmun Dutta said - If ever a follower makes a negative and abusive comment, I will explain it correctly. If he doesn't believe it, I will block him directly. I would prefer to have a follower but not a follower who is spreading hatred.

Munmun Dutta said that he often receives obscene messages and photoshopped photos. Sometimes he gets the help of the police. Munmun is not far behind in taking action.

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