Note while withdrawing money from ATM, what to do?

Making money from ATMs has become part of our daily life. We need cash every day. But when withdrawing money from an ATM, it is often the case that money is withdrawn from the account without cash withdrawal. The biggest question is what to do in such a situation. Many people get to complain in the bank without proof but they are not relieved, we will tell you some guidelines that will help you get your money back.

Note while withdrawing money from ATM, what to do?

Call Customer Care

First of all, call the bank you are the customer of. If you do not know the number of the bank, look at the back of your card and the number is there. When you call, the bank executive will ask for the details in the transaction sleep. Once they are convinced that this is your account, they will file your complaint. After that the executive will give you a tracking number.

If the cash does not run out, contact the bank

According to the RBI guidelines, if you use your bank or other banks, do not cash out and withdraw money from your account, contact any nearest branch of the bank. Call Customer Care if the bank is closed or holiday. Your complaint will be registered. It will take a week for the bank.

Hold Transaction Sleep

Keep the Transaction Sleep with you as proof of transaction failure. If the transaction does not go away, you can take a bank statement. Also attach the Xerox of Transaction Sleep with a written complaint to the branch.

If the money is received within a week, the bank will pay the fine

If the bank does not do so, he will have to pay a fine of Rs 100 per day. According to the guidelines, banks will have to refund the money within a week. If the complaint is not resolved you can contact the Ombudsman one week later.

Money will arrive in the account in one day

If the transaction fails, wait 24 hours. If the bank has made a mistake, it will deposit the money in the account within one day. If this happens in another bank's ATM, be aware that often the ATM does not withdraw money from the machine but debit is registered in the log book of the machine. If this happens you will have to pay a loss as the other bank may refuse to pay.

Alert while using ATM

When using an ATM, make sure there is no one else around you who sees your password. Don't forget to cancel the transaction if it has a problem. Do not mistakenly help the stranger.

Seek court help

The last option you have is to sue. You can seek court help with your complaint.

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